May 24, 2006

WNBA: The NBA's Ugly Little Sister

Why is the WNBA everywhere the NBA happens to be?

Too often do I go to or official team pages and see things referring to the WNBA, why is this? We know the league exists, ok? Is constantly advertising the WNBA during the NBA playoffs going to get people to watch? No, it's not. Cut it out...NBA fans aren't going to think "Wow, more basketball to watch.", they're thinking "Women's professional basketball, I'll pass."

I don't have a problem with the league itself or the players (I'm sure I'll be labeled a sexist woman-hater), I have a problem with it "tagging along" with the NBA wherever it goes...for example: I subscribe to the NBA Playoffs Video Podcast and as soon as the WNBA season started and there were less NBA games to recap, I started seeing WNBA recaps and discussion...whoa! What part of "NBA" + "playoffs" means WNBA regular season? Maybe if it was called the "Professional Basketball Podcast" or "Funded By NBA Teams Podcast"...I was expecting more time dedicated to each game, not something else entirely.

I don't go to Mark Cuban's blog and tell people to come to my site because if people like his blog then they should go to mine too...cause iyts liek a blog too1!111!!

The WNBA fan base is as big as it's going to get, it doesn't really interest anyone besides female athletes and some casual females and lesbians...maybe people with serious gambling problems watch too, I don't know. For something that is supposed to be appealing for women to watch, no female I know is interested in it, they'd rather watch the NBA.

Congratulations on your 10th season, and a "hello" to whoever your fans are.

May 10, 2006

Kobe plays defense?

Can someone explain to me how Kobe Bryant (and Jason Kidd) made the All-Defensive 1st Team despite not getting a single vote for Defensive Player of the Year...just wondering how that works since technically, the top positional players in the DPOY voting should make that team.