April 29, 2006

Starting Early

Wow, the 2006 NFL draft is technically starting a little early this year, Mario Williams IS a Houston Texan as of tonight when he agreed to a six-year, $54 million contract ($26.5 of that guaranteed). I'd say that this would anger the Houston fan base...if they had a fan base. This an unexpected outcome indeed, even after the news broke that Mario Williams could be the first pick two weeks ago. I had my "what if"s about it, I talked about it, and nobody thought it was possible. Apparently the impossible has just happened.

Will this go down as one of the biggest draft mistakes in NFL history or will it pay off? I guess only time will tell. Another question would be that even if this backfires in the Texan's faces, will it be as bad as the Chargers drafting Ryan Leaf?

The New Orleans (or wherever they're playing this season) Saints are reportedly prepared to take Reggie Bush with pick #2 and stated that they're not interested in trading, but will entertain offers.

Now whose 2006 NFL mock draft hasn't been effectively destroyed?


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