March 06, 2006


Everything looked bad, then it looked good, then really bad, and now there's a possibility it will turn out good...all you have to do is wait to see some of your favorite players be officially released quicker than a Detroit autoworker as teams try to get under the cap. However, unlike the autoworker, most of them will find new jobs fairly quickly since there are several teams in desperate need of talent. If the cap doesn't get the $10 million expected increase, the work may be temporary and at lower pay, like the autoworker's next job.

If you've watched any sports show in the past week, you know what's going on with the NFL (if not, read about it here). Getting rid of the salary cap is possibly the worst thing the NFL can let happen. Without a cap, teams like the Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, and Seahawks will all be the NFL's version of the Yankees...but they'll actually be winning championships. Meanwhile, the rest of the teams will consider their season a success if they do as "good" as the 2005 Texans. If you're from any of the 4 aforementioned cities (or currently on their bandwagon) you may think it's a good thing because your team will be a winner, but with no real competition, what's the point? Are you really going to be satisfied when your teams of all-stars roll over a practice squad equivalent roster while nobody watches? I hope you said no.

If you said yes, I guess you should just ditch all your loyalty (or what's remaining) and jump on the Seattle bandwagon right now in advance for when every top player can be bought by Paul Allen's (the 7th richest man in the world -Forbes) Seahawks. It will all come down to what the "rich" owners are willing to spend for a winning team and will be just like the MLB where talent can be bought with a pile of money. All the Johnny Damons of the NFL will flock to Seattle faster than Kellen Winslow Jr. on a motorcycle. Once the cap is gone, I doubt it will be back, which is interesting since the salary cap is what has made the NFL the most popular sport in the country.

So now we're waiting for Wednesday/Thursday to see what is going to happen. That's another thing, who set the time at "12:01" anyways? Do we have to take everyone back to elementary school and teach them how to tell time all over again? 11:59:59..12:00 that's when we get the switch from PM to AM (and AM to PM). I know, who cares, right? How about just for some common sense? If you want it to be Thursday, just say Thursday.


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