March 10, 2006

Friday Rundown

At 12:01am on Saturday (it's new, new, new scheduled time) you'll see the beginning of several NFL players switching teams. Before that happens, you'll probably see Daunte Culpepper traded to the Raiders, Dolphins, or Jets with Oakland being the most likely option. Daunte is done in Minnesota since the sex boat won't be setting sail this year and because Brad Johnson made him look like Andre Ware. The fact that he's injured with an uncertain future and wants out is only secondary. If Daunte goes to Oakland, look for Drew Brees to be signed by the Dolphins. With his recent shoulder injury hampering his throwing ability he'll be just what Miami needs, another half-assed quarterback. Look for Patrick Ramsey to be traded the Jets since I guess Washington seems content to not have a reasonable backup for Mark Brunell, an aging QB (13 seasons) that had his highest career numbers in years. They should sign a QB since Brunell isn't getting any younger. While the subject is old guys, the Cardinals let Josh McCown go and are going to ride Kurt "I'm always injured for half the season" Warner into the ground. John Kitna should be available, he would be a great option for any team in need of a QB as would McCown.

Terrell Owens...Denver, Dallas, Denver, Dallas...he will definitely help out either team if he keeps his mouth shut, which he should if he ever wants to play in the NFL again. He will make Jake Plummer or Drew Bledsoe the fantasy football stud that Kerry Collins was supposed to be with Randy Moss. Antwaan Randle El will be the most sought after WR and I expect him to leave Pittsburgh. Isaac Bruce might bring veteran experience to a new team, the Panthers, Lions, Texans, Buccaneers, and Redskins are all currently interested in signing him.

Edgerrin James may be affordable to the Colts now, but he should definitely shop around first. If Edge leaves Indy, that could be Jamal Lewis' next stop and he'll come at a discount for the terrible season he had last year. Michael Bennett will most likely go to Arizona seeing that he almost went there in a trade this past season.

Other news:
Tony Parker had a big game yesterday with a game-high 29 points, too bad it took an injured Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa (Nash's backup) to do it. I'm sure Eva Longoria was celebrating somewhere doing her annoying #1 thing with her finger and that stupid smile on her face. #1 what? Is she talking about herself, the Spurs #1 bandwagoner?

With the release of the Barry "Is that a baseball question? Is that a baseball question? That's not a baseball question last time I checked, you want to talk baseball?" Bonds "steroids edition" of Sports Illustrated (March 13) and it's excerpt from the upcoming book, Game of Shadows, Bud Selig has stated that he will read the book and then decide if he will suspend Bonds...I hope he's already reading an advance copy and that he's a fast reader.

If you haven't seen Failure to Launch yet (and why would you?), not only are you missing out on wasting 2 years of your life and $7, but also an added "bonus". In the movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker, whose face looks like football leather, there's a scene in which former NFL star Terry Bradshaw's bare ass shows up on the big screen. Most of America can't stand the look or sound of him so who would want to see that? I guess he wanted to show off his favorite body part, he's made a career as an NFL commentator speaking out of it.


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