April 29, 2006

2006 NFL Draft

Round 1:
#1 - Houston Texans: Mario Williams DE, N. Carolina St.
The Houston Texans ruined a draft day surprise by announcing their contract agreement with Mario Williams the night before. The Texans had better hope he's worth the money and that they didn't make as big of a mistake as everyone says they did.
#2 - New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush RB, USC
Due to the Houston Texans taking Mario Williams, the Saints followed with an announcement of their own: they would be taking Reggie Bush. Now the Saints have a solid veteran and the top overall player in the draft at RB.
#3 - Tennessee Titans: Vince Young QB, Texas
Vince Young steps into a starting role in Tennessee, he might start slow, but he has a very big upside.
#4 - New York Jets: D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT, Virginia
The Jets chose to protect the QB, whoever it may be at any given time.
#5 - Green Bay Packers: AJ Hawk OLB, Ohio St.
The Packers went with the "safe pick" in Hawk, and he's definitely what they need on defense...although it may be their offense that actually needed help.
#6 - San Francisco 49ers: Vernon Davis TE, Maryland
They have bigger problems than any team in the league and it'll be a long time before you see these guys in the playoffs.
#7 - Oakland Raiders: Michael Huff CB, Texas
If you've noticed in the past, the Raiders like to draft DBs
#8 - Buffalo Bills: Donte Whitner S, Ohio St.
Yeah, ummm...
#9 - Detroit Lions: Ernie Sims OLB, Florida St.
The Lions need to watch the "Concussions to go" stat on the scoreboard, but a nice fit otherwise.
#10 - Arizona Cardinals: Matt Leinart QB, USC
What more could Leinart want? He's got two great WRs, a top RB and he's going to play this season when Kurt Warner gets his yearly 6 game injury.
#11 - Denver Broncos (Trade w/STL): Jay Cutler QB, Vanderbilt
#12 - Baltimore Ravens (Trade w/CLE): Haloti Ngata DT, Oregon
#13 - Cleveland Browns (Trade w/BAL): Kamerion Wimbley DE, Florida St.
#14 - Philadelphia Eagles: Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida St.
#15 - St. Louis Rams (Trade w/DEN(via ATL)): Tye Hill CB, Clemson
#16 - Miami Dolphins: Jason Allen S, Tennessee
#17 - Minnesota Vikings: Chad Greenway OLB, Iowa
#18 - Dallas Cowboys: Bobby Carpenter OLB, Ohio St.
#19 - San Diego Chargers: Antonio Cromartie CB, Florida St.
#20 - Kansas City Chiefs: Tamba Hali DE, Penn State
#21 - New England Patriots: Laurence Maroney RB, Minnesota
#22 - San Francisco 49ers (via DEN): Manny Lawson DE, N. Carolina St.
#23 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Davin Joseph OG, Oklahoma
#24 - Cincinnati Bengals: Johnathan Joseph CB, S. Carolina
#25 - Pittsburgh Steelers (Trade w/NYG): Santonio Holmes WR, Ohio St.
#26 - Buffalo Bills (Trade w/CHI): John McCargo DT, N. Carolina St.
#27 - Carolina Panthers: Deangelo Williams RB, Memphis
#28 - Jacksonville Jaguars: Marcedes Lewis TE, UCLA
#29 - New York Jets (via DEN): Nick Mangold OC, Ohio St.
#30 - Indianapolis Colts: Joseph Addai RB, LSU
#31 - Seattle Seahawks: Kelly Jennings CB, Miami Fl.
#32 - New York Giants (Trade w/PIT): Mathias Kiwanuka DE, Boston College

Round 2 started with several pick for pick trades and one that sent Javon Walker to the Denver Broncos for a 2nd round pick(37th overall).

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